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Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.
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The conference will take place from the 18th to the 23rd April 2017.

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... build and lead a team?

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... get things done fast?

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Do you need couch surfing accommodation during the conference?

You want to help us to organize this unique conference here in Bayreuth, that's great! Still, check and be sure that you don't need a visa to come... No? Then, go ahead!

Herewith, I confirm that I have read and understood this Code of Conduct and that I will comply with the above stated Articles. *

Code of Conduct

Model African Union Bayreuth Conference 2017
In this document the term: “Secretariat” means Conference organization body of the Model African Union Bayreuth Association; “Conference” means Model African Union Bayreuth Conference; “Committee” means institution of the African Union, which is simulated during the Conference; “Member of the Secretariat” means Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General, Members of the Advisory Board, Undersecretary Generals, Members of the Departments; “Conference Staff” means a person volunteering before and/or during the Conference and is not necessarily a Member of the Secretariat; “Chairperson” means a person, who is chairing a Committee during the Conference. Chairing in this context means to moderate the debate and the voting procedure in the Committee; “Delegate” means Conference participant, who represents a Member state of the African Union during the Conference;

Applicability 1. (1) This code of conduct shall be applicable to all Volunteers.
(2) All Volunteers shall sign the code of conduct upon submission of the online application form.
(3) Through signing the Code of Conduct, Volunteers officially confirm to comply with the following Articles (2 – 10).
Commitment 2. All Volunteers shall embrace commitment towards their position, take responsibility for all their actions within that capacity and act in a professional manner.
Personal issues 3. Personal issues related to private relationships and conflicts with Delegates, Chairpersons, Members of the Secretariat and Conference Staff shall not affect the Conference in any way.
Dress code 4. The recommended dress code for all Volunteers without any exceptions shall be business attire or formal African attire.
Language 5. (1) The official working language of the Conference shall be English, therefore all meetings shall be held in English and all documents related to the Conference shall be drafted in English.
(2) Through signing the Code of Conduct, one shall confirm to have sufficient knowledge of English, both spoken and written.
Accommodation 6. The Department of Admissions shall be in charge of assisting Volunteers to find adequate accommodation during the Conference if they do not reside in Bayreuth.
Exclusion from the conference 7. Volunteers may be excluded from the conference on the following grounds through a signed letter by the Secretary General or the Deputy Secretary General:
(a) non-compliance with the code of conduct; (b) harassment and/or abuse of any person related to the conference or the conference venues; (c) abuse of office; (d) abuse of conference venues and materials; (e) possession, distribution and consumption of illegal drugs within the conference venues and during cultural events related to the conference; (f) consumption of alcohol and smoking, while working; (g) plagiarism; (i) inappropriate language, including scatology and defamation; (j) discrimination of any person related to the conference or the conference venues on grounds including but not limited to gender, age, race, colour, descent, nationality, educational status, marital status and occupation; (k) any other actions that are illegal according to German law or violate the official conference terms and conditions.
Allowances 8. There shall not be paid any allowances to Volunteers.
Liability 9. The Model African Union Bayreuth Association shall not be liable for:
(a) any illegal actions by Volunteers; and (b) any possessions of Volunteers.
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